Our Investment Management group serves private and institutional investors, including high net worth, pension plans, foundations and endowments, and banking and trust companies.

We develop investment strategies, looking past short-term turbulence and market fluctuations, to identify investments with attractive risk/reward characteristics.

An increasingly complex and interconnected world presents investors with many questions.

We rely on our disciplined process to provide the answers.

Conservative. Inclusive. Disciplined.

Our investment philosophy substantiates the products and services we offer our investment management clients.

Maintaining a long-term perspective, we have been able to serve our clients well throughout varying economic and market conditions.

We are not short-term traders or market timers. We focus on full market cycles, measuring returns over years rather than quarters.

Our long-term view enables us to refine the truly important facets of the investment landscape from the noise and volatility in the market.

We perform intensive research on investments.
Through in-depth research and analysis, we develop a well-informed perspective.

Our due diligence generally takes place over months and years, rather than days or weeks, whether we are investing in individual stocks and bonds or selecting third-party managers. We make a thorough assessment of risk and return potential before we consider making an investment.

We carefully balance safety and risk.

We seek to diversify among or within asset classes as appropriate. We are highly sensitive to both valuation and liquidity when making investment decisions.

We seek ways to capitalize on global opportunities.

Our investment philosophy includes a comprehensive opportunity set and a global perspective.

We remain true to our principles, no matter what is happening in the markets.

We always adhere to predefined components of our investment process. Our ability to maintain a consistent approach is fundamental to long-term investment results.